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As a founding member of the "Groupement des Persons Handicapées", the ANPIHM is a member of the "Comité d'Entente des 66 associations représentatives de personnes handicapés", the "French Committee for European Questions", and the "Committee for the Rebuilding of the Policy Disability ".

  The ANPIHM has been recognized as a public utility since 1990.


AIDES is committed to respecting the cultural identity, sexuality, way of life, ideological affiliations and therapeutic choices of each. Free of confrontation of ideas, pledge of non-judgment, confidentiality and anonymity, AIDES is independent of any religious, moral, political or scientific entity.


Doctors Without Borders is an international humanitarian medical association created in 1971 in Paris by doctors and journalists.


Founded in 1918, the League Against Cancer is a recognized association of public utility law based on the generosity of the public and the commitment of its volunteers and employees trained thanks to a training school approved to answer the needs of the persons concerned By cancer. Our federation, composed of 103 departmental committees present throughout the national territory, is apolitical and financially independent.

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